Community Reports and Summaries

KHRC is committed to communicating our research findings for all to use. Therefore, in addition to our academic Publications & Presentations we will continue to add to our below collection of community resources. Our Research Blog is another source of plain language summaries for select topics.


Homelessness Vulnerabilities and Potential Mitigating Supports

In the early months of 2020, members of the Kelowna Homelessness Research Collaborative (KHRC) and co-researchers from the Lived Experience Circle on Homelessness (LECoH) held a series of focus groups in Kelowna to talk about two important questions: 1) what events or circumstances put individuals at risk of becoming homeless, and 2) what could be done to lessen risk of homelessness? This was followed up by an online event in the fall of 2020 to engage both service providers and local academics in a discussion of potential community based projects to inform and address the identified vulnerabilities.


COVID-19: Interventions and Potential Impacts

Social, Economic, and Political Impacts of COVID-19

At the start of 2021, KHRC research staff conducted a brief snapshot of documented and forecasted impacts resulting from the pandemic:

Homelessness and Vaccinations

As a part of ongoing work to review peer-reviewed literature at the intersection of homelessness and pandemics (or other highly contagious illnesses like TB, influenza, etc.), KHRC conducted a brief scan of prior research and recommendations related to vaccination efforts applicable those experiencing homelessness or other “hard-to-reach” / “easy-to-miss” populations:


Poverty in the Okanagan

The State of Poverty (Policies & Data)

This overview presents a brief, non-exhaustive, semi-chronological guide to existing and planned data and policy on addressing poverty, at a federal level, at a provincial level within British Columbia, and at a regional level within the Central Okanagan.