KHRC Publications & Presentations

Below are select, recent knowledge mobilization activities of our Co-Investigators, Students, and Staff (bolded).

For a full list of publications by individual Co-Investigators prior to the formation of the collaborative, or on other topics, see their respective pages: Affiliated Researchers



  • Babando, J., Woodmass, K., & Graham, J.R. (2022). COVID-19 and the Homelessness Support Sector: Perspectives on a Small Community’s Early Response to a Public Health Crisis. International Journal on Homelessness, 2(1), 1–16. 
  • Myrah, K. & Rempel, K. (2022). Change in the Time of COVID: Determining How a Lived Experience Circle on Homelessness Adapts Their Team Development Model. In SAGE Business Cases. SAGE Publications, Ltd.
  • Myrah, K. & Rempel, K. (2022). Brain Trust: Assessing the viability of a new concussion management social enterprise. In SAGE Business Cases. SAGE Publications, Ltd.
  • Myrah, K., Rempel, K., & Warner, D. (2021). Addressing Homelessness in Kelowna – Determining How a New Agency will Govern. Case Research Journal.
  • Graham, J.R., Woodmass, K., Bailey, Q., Li, E.P.H., & Lomness, A. (2022). Organizational Change in Human Service Organizations: A Review and Content Analysis. Human Service Organizations: Management, Leadership & Governance, 46:1, 36-55.
  • Babando, J., Quesnel, D.A., Woodmass, K., Lomness, L., & Graham, J.R. (2021). Responding to pandemics and other disease outbreaks in homeless populations: A review of the literature and content analysis. Health and Social Care in the Community, 30(1):11-26. 
  • Shier, M.L., Graham, J.R., & Keogh, J. M. (2019). Social work and the emerging opioid epidemic: a literature review. The British Journal of Social Work49(7), 1759-1777.
  • MacKinnon, K., Pauly, B., Shahram, S.Z., Wallace, B., Urbanoski, K., Gordon, C., … & Pagan, F. (2019). Health Equity-oriented Approaches to Inform Responses to Opioid Overdoses: A Scoping Review Protocol. JBI Database of Systematic Reviews and Implementation Reports, 17(5): 640-653.
  • Mema, S.C., Frosst, G., Bridgeman, J., Drake, H., Dolman, C., Lappalainen, L., & Corneil, T. (2019). Mobile supervised consumption services in Rural British Columbia: lessons learned. Harm Reduction Journal, 16(1):4.
  • Myrah, K., Rempel, K., & Warner, D. (June, 2019). MP Maintenance: Developing a Marketing Strategy for a Social Enterprise. International Journal of Case Studies in Management, 17(2), 1-19.
  • Smirl, J.D., Jones, K.E., Copeland, P., Khatra, O., Taylor, E., & van Donkelaar, P. (2019). Characterizing symptoms of traumatic brain injury in survivors of intimate partner violence. Brain Injury, 33(12):1529-1538.
  • Myrah, K., Rempel, K., & Warner, D. (Winter, 2017). Howard Industries: A Social Enterprise Worth Continuing? Case Research Journal, 37(1), 1-22


  • Myrah, K., Laing, S., & Rempel, K.  (May 4, 2021). “Allyship In Research”.  Research Innovation Partnerships Expo (RIPE) 2021.
  • Myrah, K., & Laing, S. (May 4, 2021). “Creating Allyship in Research”. Enactus Canada Faculty Advisor Research Fund Presentations. [VIDEO LINK, Timestamp: 54m 51s]
  • Myrah, K., & Rempel, K. (October, 2020). “Change in the time of COVID: Determining how a lived experience circle on homelessness adapts their team development model”. North American Case Research Association 2020 Annual Conference. [Gold Case]
  • Graham, J. R. & Laing, S. (June 4, 2019).  “The Kelowna Homelessness Research Collaborative”. Social Policy and Advocacy Committee Roundtable on Canada’s National Housing Crisis – 2019 CASWE-ACFTS Annual Conference.
  • Myrah, K., Wheeler, S., & Roy, D. (November, 2019). Moving from Collaboration to Action: the Story of Journey Home Kelowna. Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness – National Conference, Edmonton, AB.
  • Rempel, K. (2019). Community Based Research – Mapping for Change, Presentation in Ripe Conference, 2019 – Okanagan College
  • Rempel, K. (2019). Can a Map Lead to Social Change, Presentation in UBCO Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference
  • Myrah, K., & Bell, M. (June, 2018). Journey Home: Addressing Homelessness in Kelowna, BrainX Symposium on Brain Injury, Kelowna, BC.
  • Myrah, K. (April 2018). Panelist. Homelessness and the Opioid Crisis, Business Improvement Association of BC Annual Conference, Kelowna, BC.

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