Our research represents a mix of inquiry into the local homelessness context, multi-site comparisons with other jurisdictions, as well as reviews of the broader literature.

Our UBC Eminence funding covers three broad topics: 1) Technology, 2) Stigma, and 3) Human Service Improvements.

However, our planned and potential research includes a range of other topic areas, including:

    • COVID-19 and Homelessness
    • Youth and Homelessness
    • Prevention and Vulnerabilities
    • Sustaining Exits from Homelessness
    • Housing
    • Allyship in Research with Lived Experience
    • Organizational Change
    • Access to Healthcare and Other Supports
    • Community Engagement
    • Substance Use
    • City Planning
    • De-siloing
    • Veteran Homelessness
    • Knowledge Mobilization
    • … And more!

For more information on our research: