Below are some resources relevant to understanding the context of those experiencing or at risk of homelessness, both locally and nationally, as well as KHRC’s past newsletter updates.

For our community-oriented resources on select topics, refer to the following pages:

Additional select community resources related to homelessness at the Regional, Federal, and Provincial level are available on our Resources and Context on Homelessness tab. This includes links to the local Journey Home Strategy, national homelessness networks, local Point-in-Time reporting, and government initiatives.

For a full list of KHRC’s academic knowledge mobilization activities, see our Publications & Presentations page.

KHRC Newsletters:

Allyship in Research:

KHRC’s Allyship in Research Toolkit provides researchers and practitioners with a framework to embed lived and living experience, and allyship, into their work. The toolkit describes ways to incorporate authentic participation into the entire research process or program development process, identifies strategies for engaging in a co-research/con-construction process, and outlines the benefits of practicing in this way. The below video further overviews what allyship means to our team, to our Lived Experience Co-Researchers, and to other local leaders, partners, and stakeholders.