About Us

The Kelowna Homelessness Research Collaborative (KHRC) was established in 2019 to explore intersecting facets of homelessness in small and medium sized cities within and beyond the Okanagan, BC, and to offer evidence-based approaches to mitigate and eradicate homelessness across our communities.

A team of interdisciplinary researchers [see Affiliated Researchers] with scholars and graduate students in Anthropology, Data Science, Economics, Engineering, Geography, Management & Business, Medicine, Neuroscience, Nursing, Social Work, and Sociology, along with our community partners and individuals with lived experience of homelessness, have come together to understand and support the provision of services to those who are vulnerable and at-risk of experiencing homelessness. This is supported by a focus on innovations, including – but not limited to – technology, organizational change amongst service providers, and the community impact of stigma [see our Research and Current Initiatives pages for more info].

We invite you to join us in our pursuit, review the resources, and consider participating in events, workshops, and research opportunities. If you have questions, would like to share ideas, or are interested in partnering with or joining our team, please contact us at the email below. We look forwarding to connecting with you!



Our vision is that all communities and actors – regardless of size or location – have the knowledge and capacity required to support vulnerable members of society to ensure access to resources that will contribute to the end of homelessness.


KHRC gathers, develops, and disseminates research evidence and Lived Experience perspectives to strengthen understanding of the experiences of homelessness in small to medium sized cities. Our mission aims to: 1) guide upstream actions to support vulnerable populations and prevent homelessness, 2) improve services to enhance the lives and trajectories of those currently experiencing homelessness, and 3) orient supports to sustain successful exits out of homelessness.


KHRC projects, investigators, collaborators, and partners are also linked through a shared set of core values. An overarching component is a commitment to ongoing engagement and dissemination in support of both our internal long-term vision as well as the objectives of partner communities and organizations. The values that shape the work of KHRC include:

  • Collaborative: Partner for expanded knowledge, reach, and impact
  • Community-Based: Integrate partner goals and perspective
  • Allyship: Partnership with Lived Experience (“Nothing about us without us”)
  • Interdisciplinary: Integrate diverse skills, approaches, and perspectives
  • (W)holistic: Approach topics from all relevant perspectives
  • Rigour: Follow a clear and ethical methodology
  • Evidence-Driven: Produce high-quality products
  • Accessibility: Support knowledge access for diverse audiences
  • Impact: Work to translate knowledge into action


We acknowledge that the land on which we conduct our work is the unceded territory of the Syilx (Okanagan) Peoples.