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Myrah and Rempel reflect on Allyship in Research project (Oct 25, 2021)

KHRC Investigators & Okanagan School of Business professors Kyleen Myrah and Kerry Rempel reflect on their #allyship journey, lessons learned and relationships forged as a result of a unique community research project.

Homelessness in Kelowna with Kyleen & Kerry (Sept 24, 2021)

Rick Maddison and Scott Lanigan discuss a homelessness research study with Kyleen Myrah and Kerry Rempel from the Okanagan School of Business. They talk about the key findings of their studies, and how their perspectives evolved during their work. One key takeaway was the collaboration with “lived experience” participants and creating an atmosphere of trust.

UBCO researchers examine how pandemics impact the homeless (May 25, 2021)

…While this research project began a few years ago, Graham says his team quickly turned their attention to the impact of COVID-19. His team looked at peer-reviewed publications, dating back to 1984, that examined how homeless populations were impacted by other highly contagious or communicable illnesses such as tuberculous, H1NI and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).

OC professors win North American Case Conference gold (Nov 10, 2020)

Dr. Kyleen Myrah and Professor Kerry Rempel take home the gold medal award for best case overall at the North American Case Conference, hosted by the NACRA. The case, titled “Change in the time of COVID: Determining How a Lived Experience Circle on Homelessness Adapts Their Team Development Model,” details how the Kelowna community strove to embed the voice of lived experience individuals into every aspect of their plan to functionally end homelessness and the challenges of continuing this vital work during a global pandemic.

Video: Phase I of KHRC’s Vulnerabilities Project (2:12  –  January 24, 2020)

–> Timestamp: 2m 12s

Global News feature of KHRC Vancouver Foundation focus groups with both service providers and individuals with Lived Experience on vulnerabilities related to homelessness.

Series of UBCO events to discuss housing, homelessness and more (September 24, 2019)

Alison Conway, professor in UBC Okanagan’s department of community, culture and global studies, has organized three public events featuring wide-ranging conversations about housing in the Okanagan and beyond. These events include input from housing experts from Toronto, Vancouver and Kelowna, who will discuss everything from homelessness and high housing costs to sustainability.

UBC Okanagan awarded grant for homelessness research (July 24, 2019)

Four prominent institutions and programs in the Okanagan have received a stipend for taking a multidisciplinary approach to solving homelessness. UBC Okanagan, Journey Home, Interior Health and Okanagan College have received $218,000 to research different ways to improve services for homeless people.

UBC and Okanagan College team with community groups to tackle issue (July 22, 2019)

“We should be able to leverage current funds to quickly get over the $1-million mark within a year,” states Graham. “I really want to see the university’s skills leveraged to help improve the homelessness response roll out across the region. “Throughout, we are engaging with service providers, service users, and broader community members in direct ways that bring all parties to the table to co-develop regionally-specific solutions.”